About us

Duvar Kolektiv is a socially engaged artistic group. Through process-based art we confront the social impacts of difference, enabling people to connect to each other on a human level.

“Duvar” means “a wall” in Turkish. Our work is based in Stolipinovo, a Turkish & Roma neighbourhood in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which suffers from many invisible walls around it.

Hannah Rose is a socially engaged artist based between the UK and Bulgaria. Her work aims to nurture warm, empowering environments in which creativity and self-expression can happen. Here is her portfolio.

Nikola Venkov is a Bulgarian sociologist and anthropologist. He studies how power and marginalisation intersect in the political manifold of urban life. Here are his publications.

Yanka Simova is a craftswoman, an ingenious inventor and a mother – the heart of her family. She knits, sews and creates for her neighbours in Stolipinovo, whom she kits out in the latest fashions.

Families in Stolipinovo have become artists, mentors and collaborators. They bring many diverse skills and experiences. From 6 to 60 years old, each partner takes the project forward. However, most of the people who welcomed us in their homes so warmly have expressed a desire to remain anonymous, out of fear and the insecurity in which they live.

To get in touch write to us here.