Fashion House Karashik

An up and coming social enterprise selling unique items made in Stolipinovo, Bulgaria. Each item is handmade with lots of love and care. Get in touch for commissions.


Yanka‘s expertise is in turning an old cloth, or popular fashion, into something new and unexpected. She is a strong woman who is the heart of a large family, and, also, at the heart of Fashion House Karashik.

Maria is a craftswoman from the poorest community in Stolipinovo, and has shared many beautiful designs in our shop. Recently her creativity has been directed towards dressing and taking care of her new born great-granddaughter who was named after her.

Items in stock have been all sold out. Currently, we operate with requests. Below we show visuals of what Yanka and Maria can easily make for you, but you can also ask for other models, colours and sizes that match your needs! Or we can arrange for you to talk to our masters about custom designs.

Home slippers on Karashik

In Bulgaria, and in Stolipinovo in particular, a special sort of sock-slippers are a favourite to keep one’s feet warm in the cold seasons. This is an old, traditional item, with many different names – terliks, kantchuls, etc. Below you can see knitted ones for babies, women and younger people. Men’s can also be requested.

Ladies’ and young people’s

Sizes 24-38 (plus: they stretch as well)
Prices: €8-€10
Sizes 40+ (men’s): €10-12.

Baby tiny
(Yanka) &
baby boots (Maria)

Sizes 9-20 (plus: they stretch as well)
Fit to baby’s age.
Prices: €5-€7

Baby cardigans

Kids are very special in Stolipinovo. Both our masters have big families and a recently-born grandchild. To show their love and appreciation they make colourful cardigans for the little ones. Sleeveless is the fashion of the day! Here are the ones they knitted specially for the Karashik house.

Child cardigans

For 3-6 year olds
Prices: €20-€25
Talk to us!

Adult cardigans, jumpers and wool dresses

That’s what often Yanka makes for neighbours. Talk to us about designs, size, type of wool, and prices.

Upcycled bag experiments

Kids grow up or this week offers clothes that are too small. For Yanka that’s a feast for the imagination and her designer’s talent! Please: turn them into bags for the same kids (who are now 8 and 10) or for adults, if they are brave enough to enjoy the cartoon pattern.

Up-cycled bags

As materials are available. (Or you can bring your own disused cloths.)
Prices: €8-€15

Purses, sewn or knitted

Purses and pouches

Sewn Flowerpouch: €3
Knitted decoration for lady’s carry-on purse for style (inner lining, zip): €18

Knitted animals

Yanka is just trying out how to make toys. Special reductions. On the pictures Kalinka the Ladybug and Pipa Butterfly.

Stuffed toys

Prices: €5-€10.
Designs are experimental and unique for you.

The above images are just examples, as most of these items have already been sold. This means you have to allow time for the order to be discussed with the authors in Stolipinovo and fulfilled. If you are in Plovdiv we might be able to arrange a direct meeting as well.

To commission your item contact us here or on our email address duvarkolektiv at gmail or through Facebook.

Thank you!