What’s Next

Presenting the “The Voice of Silenced Society”

as part of “What’s Next” at Credo Bonum, Sofia, 21.01 – 14.02.2021

Opening: 16 – 20h, Thursday, January 21st

Изложба – български тук.

Credo Bonum Gallery
21. January – 14. February, open every day, 11 – 19 h.
2 Slavyanska Str., Sofia

The FB-event

Our work from Duvarmuzei Vol.2: “The voice of silenced society” was invited to show as part of Galina Dimitrova-Dimova’s curatorial project “What’s Next”, reviewing Bulgarian art work engaging with the consequences of the pandemic.

In “The voice of silenced society” a dynamic group of local enthusiasts were discovering how to sustain a public voice and were gradually transforming into confident citizen journalists. Duvar Kolektiv were learning and improvising jointly with them. The news website „Filibeliler | Филибелии“ operates till today (filibeliler.com), and we continue.

The printed issue of “Filibeliler” constitutes a document for the struggles, anxieties and hopes of Stolipinovo’s residents during the past tumultuous year.

You are warmly invited to come and see!