Sharing Stolipinovo

Two processes of exchange: the creation of a documentary film “Inherited Crafts” by an author from the neighbourhood, the painter Osman Useinov, as well as turning into reality the idea of Abdulsamed Veli for an online song competition “The Voice of Stolipinovo”.

16. May 2022, 21h – Lapidarium, Old Town of Plovdiv, thanks to Art Today Association,
19. May, 2022, 19h CET – PACT-Wekstadt, Essen.

3, 4, 5. Oct. 2021, 19:30h – open-air cinema for the community, at three locations in Stolipinovo,
17. Oct., 18:45h – open-air cinema in Kapana, the Core stage, Plovdiv,
19. Oct., 18:00h – screening at the ATD-Fourth World’s event, Art Gallery Serdika, The Women’s Market, Sofia.

Two ideas by authors from the community about how to showcase Stolipinovo in an intimate way, beyond the stigma. Two extended processes of sharing within the community.

“Inherited Crafts”

Duvar Kolektiv supported Osman Useinov in making his first film, and the first film about Stolipinovo made by a team from Stolipinovo. Crafts are one of the prides of the neighbourhood but they are in a process of transformation there as well. Osman is a craftsman himself (a master jeweller). Through the film-making process he reflected on the identitity of Stolipinovo and hand worked crafts.

Together with Osman and his assistant Ismail Sherif we had to struggle with the accumulated distrust of the community to any kind of representation of their neighbourhood. At the end of the process we organised screenings in Stolipinovo, near the places where the craftspeople we filmed work and live.

“The Voice of Stolipinovo – Online”

Together with Abdulsamed Veli we organised a process of music performance and sharing which involved the community in a two-months-long online creative exchange. Music is one of the important fields of cultural expression in Stolipinovo. As people responded during our outreach campaign: “Indeed, there are many talented lads here!” We managed to showcase a few women as well.

To have an exciting and familiar element we included a competitive aspect and called it “The Voice of Stolipinovo”, playing on the world-famous show. The online format helped to avoid the pandemic risks but also to connect a community which today is fully transnational and spread across Europe.

The competition enrolled only amateur signers. Everyone could send their own video clip with any kind of musical genre and language of performance. It was the community itself that voted who are its 10 favourite singers. They continue to the Finals, which would take place in November.

For the Finals new music clips of the participants will be filmed by our crew. The three winners will be decided by a mixed jury, in which local musicians from the neighbourhood will discuss with professional musicians from outside of it. Our main aims have been to create opportunities for public appearance, exchange and discussions with members of the community at every level of the process. To that end, we even worked to motivate small local businesses to produce video advertisements and sponsor the competition awards.

“The Voice of Stolipinovo” is based on a close collaboration with Residents of Stolipinovo Association.

“Sharing Stolipinovo” is made possible with the financial assistance of the National Cultural Fund of Bulgaria, program “Socially Engaged Arts”, as well as by a number of sponsors from Stolipinovo itself:

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