Comic book zine “Stories from Stolipinovo”

Collaborative zine, 2019

Poster exhibition:
Art News Cafe, July 2019
Wall of a house in Stolipinovo, August 2019
EmpathEast Fest, November 2019

Zine also distributed at FLUCA, September 2019
SKLAD, November 2019
Goethe Institut – Sofia, September 2020
available for purchase online, at our Karashik Shop.

Illustrated stories collected in conversations with people living in one of the poorest parts in Stolipinovo: about the joys and the difficulties of locals. The zines are available in Bulgarian, Turkish, the local dialect of Turkish spoken in Stolipinovo, and English.

This was the first time that we made an exhibition for the community itself (3 weeks show). We were invited to the wall of a local house.

The comic book zine was made with the support of Ideas Factory as part of the Arts Innovation Prize.

Launch event at Artnews Cafe:

Launch event in the community (a bit more here):