Fashion House

Open and running!, online, 2020 –

Modna Kushta Karışık is a social enterprise initiative based in Stolipinovo. We want to merge the talents and unique style of locals with artisan crafts which can generate a small sustainable and ethical income.

People in Stolipinovo are creative and motivated, but due to barriers, such as segregation, fear, lack of confidence and precariousness of work, descend into a cycle of astute poverty. Often women in Stolipinovo must work from home because this allows for a safe working environment, flexibility and complements looking after the family.

We are starting a social enterprise which gives women the option to work from home and at the same time have their hard work, creativity and original ideas appreciated. By linking up local women with Bulgarian and wider international customers, this will be a step towards building trust and respect between cultures. In this way pre-existing practices of knitting, sewing, drawing and designing will bring supplementary income to the neighbourhood, which will in turn allow mothers to support their children to access education, healthcare, etc.